(A Morning Stroll, Wild Life, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, Dimanche, and La Luna)

A friend and I went to the IFC theater to see this years Oscar nominated Animated Shorts. I had seen The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore already (and you can, and should, do the same by going to Moonbot Studios) but was more than happy for the chance to see it on a big screen, and despite bias because it’s Bill Joyce, it’s my favorite out of the bunch. Each short has its own elements that make it enjoyable in one way or another, but certainly the various types of animation are the best part- Wild Life is like watching a moving oil painting. Along with the 5 nominees, they’ve also included 4 more that they deemed commendable enough to show, and out of those only 1 was truly great but the others were fun enough and a kid in the theater really wanted to know why they weren’t nominated. If you have the option of seeing these in a theater I couldn’t recommend it more, but if that’s not the case I believe you can find them all on the internet in one spot or another.

(Source: oscars.com)